Saturday 1pm Club Run To Eaton


All your questions about Saturday afternoons ride answered:

  • Did it stop raining? Yes

  • Was it windy? A bit

  • Was it a long way? About 60 miles there and back

  • Were we fast? Fast enough to get back about 5.45

  • Did we get held up? Yes when Ant punctured (it happens)

  • Did Dave’s mudguards fall to bits? No, we heard a clatter but it was his pump falling of this time

  • Did Andy get in the drops? Yes, once

  • Who got the last scone with jam and cream in the cafe? Fred

  • Did anyone remember to take any pictures? No

  • Was everyone glad they went out?Yes, yes, yes and yes

  • Did everyone have a good ride? Yes, yes, yes and yes