Easier Training Ride @ 10-2-7 on Thursday 6 June


Fourteen Wheelers participated in the ride last night, but not all at the same time.

Rain had threatened to to disrupt play but it turned out fine as twelve of us headed down Pexhill; Rich T, Mark B, Dave A, Dave H, Chris S, Bennett G, John H, Jim D, Andy R, another Mark B, myself Fred W and Fozzie R who timed his ride from Poynton to perfection arriving exactly as we exited the car park. The trouble is that meant he missed the essential pre ride briefing, but he seemed to know how to ride a bike OK so that was fine.

We were down to ten at the Red Lion when Andy and (another) Mark peeled of for some specialist 3 up time trail training on the Lower Withington Circuit. Except Mark was enjoying the chain gang so much he forgot to actually peel of and his training partners had to go chasing after him to Forty Acre Lane.

At Ollerton X roads we were up to eleven as Ant L jumped on (of the fast ride) but not for long as he pinch punctured in the bad potholes at the end of Pinfold Lane. We must watch out for those. soon we were back up to eleven as Rachel joined us on her way back from open water swimming at Boundary Park and hung on for the rest of the ride.

I cant report who got the 1st, 2nd and 3rd over the line at the Wizard as I placed myself firmly in the last three on the climb up Artist Lane this week but there was some good strong riding going on. The main event was a pretty brisk chain gang. A few gaps did appear at times but everyone was well disciplined and with a shout up things soon got back together so good marks all round.

It looked like there were were about eight out on the faster training ride, that means they've room for a couple more. The 10-2-7 ride is just the introductory chain gang so it would be great if our stronger riders jumped up and gave it a go.