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We’re Macclesfield Wheelers and we’d love to see you riding with us along the Cheshire lanes and up in the Peak District.

There are nearly 270 of us, with more than 60 women (an all-time high) and a sprinkling of U18s.

Come out with us regularly and you’re sure to:

  • make friends

  • get fitter, and

  • discover hidden lanes.

Choose from 12 rides a week, from 20-mile introductions to 20 mph training rides. And we run:

  • road races under TLI rules

  • flat and hilly time trials

  • charity rides

  • track taster sessions, and

  • trips to Majorca.

You can find out more about what we got up to last year here.


Ride with us

Here are the next few rides we’re planning.

You don’t have to be a member to try us: you can ride with us up to three times to see if you like it. We’re confident you will.

You can read what it’s like to ride with, and join, a cycling club in our FAQ section.


Next rides

Great range of activities, very inclusive and encouraging, very friendly.
Great challenging rides which are well planned and organised.
Love, love, love the ‘specials’ like the Circuit of the Edge.

From our most recent membership survey