Here are our rides in order of the fitness you’ll need. We don't always publish a route, but when we do, it may only be a day or so beforehand, to take account of the weather. Icy roads mean cancelled rides, so please watch the ‘Next rides’ panel.

Not sure which ride might suit you best? Just email Chris at Can’t find what you’re looking for? We just love it when members suggest, plan and organise something different, such as our new Social Training Ride and monthly Gravel Ride.

Before you come out with us on the road, please read these guidelines first. Before you join us off-road, please read these. If you are aged 12 - 18, your parent or guardian must read this before you come out with us.


Ideal if you are just starting out or starting back, or new to riding in a group.

A very popular and sociable ride. We also run occasional longer and/or hillier rides, as well as weekends away.


Picking out the bridleways and trails, linked with plenty of road riding.


Ideal if you need to be back for family, shopping, etc. Invariably back for 3.00 pm, often earlier.


Regarded by many as the heart of the club, we’ve been doing this one for 70 years.


Our fastest social ride. You’ll need to be pretty fit for this one.


90-minute loop on the Cheshire plain, finishing up Artists Lane.


This will suit you if you’ve been on a Saturday Social Ride and want to do a bit more.


Evening social ride.


Destination decided on the day.


You’ll need reasonably high standards of both fitness and technical skill for this ride, and a well maintained bike.


Ideal if you are reasonably fit and want to get fitter.


Everyone taking turns at the front. Back in Macclesfield around 12:00.


These rides are not Macclesfield Wheelers rides and, while you will most likely find club members on each, Macclesfield Wheelers accepts no responsibility for them.

Chelford Chicks (women only)

Day Saturday. Time 10:00. Meet Chelford Island. Profile Flat or hilly. Miles 50-70. Cafe Halfway. Speed 13 mph. Contact Sue. Link

Steady ride for women only.

AZ Wednesday Ride

Day Wednesday. Time 09:30. Meet Broken Cross. Profile Flat or hilly. Miles 35-80. Cafe Halfway. Speed: 13 mph. Contact Mike. Email:

Easy paced morning or day out. Route usually decided on the day.

Summer Training Ride

Day Thursday, Apr - Sept. Time: 19:00. Meet Broken Cross. Profile Flat. Miles 30. Speed 23 mph. Contact Simon. Link

Fast ride for race training.


Looking for a cafe to insert into your ride? You’ll find this local cafe map useful. We’ve probably been to most of them.


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