Easier Training Ride


The rain had stopped by 10-2-7 but it was still a bit blowy

We lingered a minute for Ant at Broken X and looked for Carl Siddington but with two no show’s it was six of us sharing the work. With relativity fresh legs it was slick for the first half of the circuit then as often is the case a bit slower after the drag back up to the A50 at Toft. Never the less we managed a respectable average of 18.4 mph to the bottom of Artist Lane and 17.1 mph back to Broken X.

Matt D hit it hard straight from the off and gaped us all for 1st up to the Wizard, Fred W and Bennett G made up the podium places but we didn’t have time to get our breath back before Andy R, Rachel G and Mark B were up in pretty short order.

Obviously if we had the additional two to help cut through the wind we would have been well over our target speed (oops). But the most important statistic was that 50% of the turnout were rider’s who have stepped up to their first training ride/chain gangs on the 10-2-7 ride and all three (Andy, Rachel and Bennett) are significantly stronger and better all round cyclist’s for it. The 10-2-7 academy has plenty of vacancies for other’s to follow their example.

Ride ReportFred Wardle