Saturday Afternoon Club Run.


A strong group of ten made it to the Cafe stop at Bagnall .

In lumpy country and with storm Erik lurking we needed to be strong as well. It was pleasantly calm though on the sheltered side of the cloud and it even felt like Erik gave us a push up. 
Then on the descent down to Horton, Woody found disk brakes aren't always what they are cracked up to be, not when the pads fall out anyway.
On the ride back Erik didn't seem much help climbing up the Gun, then following a short recovery the climb up from Danebridge through Wincle. After that effort longstanding club run supporter and member, Mick O said we'd done enough and by then it was time to take shelter in the Ship.
Average speed: 13mph
Average age: 13+
Storm force (Beaufort scale): 4
Storm (brewery) force:4

Ride ReportFred Wardle