Easier Training Ride @ 10-2-7 on 2nd May


It was good to have eight of us out as it wasn’t that easy with a nagging north westerly breeze for most of the ride.

By the time we got Seven Sisters there seemed to be a bit of hesitancy to go through to the front, hopefully that was due to tired legs rather than saving them for a bid for glory on Artist Lane. The ethos of the ride is everybody will work and train hard to there best ability with stronger and more experienced riders supporting those less so. We did make a surprisingly good speed which indicates some hard work and strong riding overall.

I cant say who was first up to the Wizard but Rick, Bennett, Jim and Simon R were the contenders for the title in the top half of the table and Andy, Mike C, Mark B and your truly Fred W were in the relegation zone. That’s just a bit of fun though and I’am glad to say that at least half of those out have said they are going to line up for the Club 10 next Wednesday when the results will really count.