Larkling Ride: Wetton


Four riders out for an extremely hilly 44 miles in the White Peak.

Just Simon R, Rob and myself (Ian) at the park for the start. Sunny but very cold, everyone was in full winter gear in stark contrast to the previous weekend where we all had the sun cream on!

Heading out we stayed with the Larks into Langley, until we got to the Church House Inn, where we peeled off and started the first of the day’s (many) climbs up Ridge Hill. On to Allgreave then, turning toward Goldsitch Moss, Simon G turned up.

Up over the tops and the thrilling descent into Warslow, then on to Hulme End which was very busy with campers. Once out of Hulme End it was onto lovely quiet stone walled lanes until we arrived at the pretty village of Wetton. After some initial confusion we found the Old School Tea Room. We were placed on a long reserved table. The Larks (as usual) arrived in dribs n drabs about 15 minutes after we arrived. Simon R asked for an espresso…

This is Wetton, we’ve got cafetiere coffee
— The proprietor

Bacon n egg bap for me, as I didn’t want the cheese digestion issues going back out into the hills, as there was talk of “a killer” straight out of the door. Food (and coffee) were great. Tim swapped to the Larklings to get home earlier and stayed with us until the turning for Bradnop.

We all headed out as one but soon separated from the Larks as we headed down the steep narrow gravelly lane into the Manifold Valley. Absolutely beautiful area, but the climb out was indeed severe. Once we were up on the tops the sun had gone in, and it was time for some hail!

Quiet lanes through Grindon and Onecote, then the super windy ridge of Blakelow Road. From here was a steep bumpy descent through Thorncliffe. Squealing disc brakes all round! At Meerbrook Simon G left us to go up The Devils Elbow, as his car was over that way. We pressed on up Gun Hill. We caught up with two other blokes who then stuck with us until the Wincle Brewery. I think the climb out of Wincle pretty much finished off myself and Rob. Fortunately from there it was mostly downhill through Sutton and Langley.

Simon at the top of Gun Hill.

Simon at the top of Gun Hill.

Rob cresting Gun Hill. When it comes to sprockets “34 is the new 28”.

Rob cresting Gun Hill. When it comes to sprockets “34 is the new 28”.

I still had to grovel back up the hill to my house, totally spent.

44 miles. 11.3mi/h. 5,817ft elevation.
A huge amount of elevation for a relatively short ride.

Another great ride. Cheers Chris.