Club Run To Dagfields


We had good numbers yesterday afternoon, here they are:

  • Wheelers in South park at 1pm: 10

  • Wheelers in the cafe at 2.55pm: 9

  • Wheelers leaving the cafe at 3.35pm: 13

  • Wheelers at the top of Pexhill at 5.30pm: 5 (oops some didn’t stick to official route, whats wrong with Pexhill anyway?)

  • Wheelers in the Ship at 5.40pm: 8

  • Punctures: 1 (=(-0.10)

  • Miles on the clock: about 60

  • Average Speed: if it matters work it out from the above

  • Most senior Wheeler: 75 going on 16 (and going dam well !) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROGER.

On such a busy afternoon with so much going on that’s to many names to remember but it was the usual culprits plus Jack who had his first outing on the traditional Saturday afternoon club run. He seemed to enjoy our adventure through some Cheshire lanes towards the end of the known world (but not over the Shropshire border). Jack could talk quite a bit and ride a bike quite a bit so he fitted in well.

For the next two or three weeks the Saturday afternoon club run will be missing its normal so called leaders so if anybody fancy’s stepping up please contact Andy.

I’ll look forward to my next time when I get back from going on tour.