Lark Ride to Aqueduct Marina


Really enjoyed the ride today.

Much of the credit must go to Sarah from Variety Fitness for the sports massage that unlocked the pain of the pulled muscle in my back that had worked so hard to make last week’s ride a pain; not to mention my dear companions: Pete, Ewan (welcome to the Lark Ride Ewan), Steve and Russell (er, you’ve just mentioned them - Ed). I think I can say without fear of contraception, and based on my 15-year research project into the karma of the middle-aged male bicycle commuter, that riding alone cannot hold a candle to the pleasures of riding with others. But you know that anyway as that’s why you’re in the Wheelers, right?

I deliberately and boldly took a little diversion by turning left not, as Mr Garmin kept reminding me, right out of the (as good as always) Aqueduct Marina café. This, not quite so deliberately, turned into a completely off-plan route home, nicely mirroring the way in which I had set us all off down Pexhill to start with, regardless of the small technical detail that this was actually the planned route back, not out. But hey ho, the new non-route route surprisingly went past my house so I was home by an on-target 2.00 pm, smug to have achieved 67 miles at a target-smashing 15.9 mph. What fun!

Despite such fun, I have been told that I have one or two other Saturday commitments in June and July so it’d be good to have some other leaders stepping up to sup from the charmed chalice of ride leadership. Please form an orderly queue. You can create your own routes, recycle from the extensive back catalogue available from the Ride With GPS link on the right of this page on our website or just make it up as you go along, as I demonstrated yesterday with the carefree abandon of an old buffer released from back pain on a (mostly) sunny day out in the glorious Cheshire countryside.


Russell, Pete, Simon, Jim, Jen, Kevin, Janet, Ewan, Steve.

Russell, Pete, Simon, Jim, Jen, Kevin, Janet, Ewan, Steve.