Easier Training Ride @ 10-2-7 on Thursday 13 June


A few regulars were missing last night for some reason.

I thought they might have taken my advice and gone out on the faster ride ten minutes later but we didn’t see the peleton flash past in the usual place at the bottom of Seven Sisters so maybe not.

It was five of us then; Chris S, Dave A, John H, Jim D and yours truly Fred W making the best of the damp but not raining and not windy conditions. We got into a very good rhythm, going well with no let up in a tight little group with no real breaks or gaps. With everyone doing a good job there were no missed turns and no change in the order until near the end on Welsh Row a unknown rider jumped on then went through out of order, to fast and totally disrupted our slick chain gang.

Strava tells me we were only 0.1 mph slower to the bottom of Artist Lane this week than last week. With numbers down by 50% and 40% of us on winter bikes it wasn’t surprising the everyone was kn….d by the time we were all up at the Wizard, but it also means we had a good workout and it was good training.

Next week it will be my turn to go missing but the ride will still be on. There’s enough regulars who know the drill, keep it steady and importantly look after anyone new to the ride. Lets get those numbers back up.