Larkling ride to Minsulls 15th June


Three Larklings set off 5 minutes late from South Park as Greg had turned up sporting a rear tyre that was flat at the bottom.

At least this gave the larks a head start. Having descended Pexhill, a fourth larkling joined and we promptly put him on the front into the headwind. After a long run South into the wind we arrived at Minshulls to find a reserved table waiting.

Ten minutes later the larks arrived, having apparently done a similar distance at a much higher average speed but taken more time. We will have to have our resident mathematician Chis C work that one out.

After a leisurely breakfast (50% of orders arrived correct, but never mind) we set off back to Macclesfield with a cross tailwind that was much more pleasant. On our way we took in 100m of off-road track and we saw a hare as big as a dog. At Gawsworth the group split to return to various start points. Those returning to South Park got there just before the heavens opened.

Simon Galgut