Easier Training Ride @ 10-2-7 on 12th Sept


It all started very well but didn’t end up so well.

With fifteen of us heading towards the A50 it was fine, we hardly noticed the slight headwind and it was a pretty slick chain gang with everyone riding well.

At the Three Greyhounds turn we picked up a tailwind but the fun didn’t last for long, by the time we got up to Seven Sister’s where Rachel joined us it was dark, p***ing down and not nearly as slick. It’s tricky to keep a big group together especially at junctions where a bit of good communication and patience is needed. The last few weeks has worked well but this week five or six went of the front at the Warford turn and we don’t want to make a habit of that.

On the positive side we did manage a faster speed to the bottom of Artist Lane than the last few weeks, the disappointing thing is it would have been even quicker if we had all stayed together.

When we got there the break was so far of the front that they were out of sight (welcome back Col and John, noticed you two were in there) so they are dq’d from the gongs which go to Fozzy🥇, Mark W🥈 and Jim🥉. Elliot might have a claim though as he came through pretty quick from the back, good riding from all four anyway.

Also making it up to the Wizard in no particular order were; Dave on his second outing with us, Andy R, Mark B, Rob M, Griff, Snowy, Rich T, Dave A and yours truly Fred W.

See you all next week when we have things to work on.

Ride ReportFred Wardle