Summer Breeze Easier Training Rider @ 10-2-7


There were plenty of cyclists out yesterday evening thrashing round the Cheshire lanes.

The Wheeler’s “easier” and “faster” chain gangs crossed at the top of Seven Sisters as normal and its fair to say at that stage the faster group was looking a bit more tidy than us.

It had been a fast start and considering the range of abilities and experience not a bad chain gang. Then after the turn at the Three Greyhounds we found out why it had been fast, hiding round every bend the summer breeze was a block headwind. Kirsten on just her second outing at 10-2-7 found it hard going but braved it out and then from starting the climb at the back, dug deep to get past another cyclist on Artist Lane. That’s the spirit well done !.

We had two members out on their first training rides, Jack H and Tom Y. I dare say they found it hard at times but not to hard I hope. Keep turning out, it’s a little different every week and we have a growing group of riders who a testament to the fact that keeping at it works. Together we can get that chain gang going better. The rest of the gang giving good support were: Chris S, Rich T, Andy R, Mark B, Jill W, Rachel G, Fozzy R and myself Fred W.

Two of our riders, Jill and Kirsten are representing the club in the M&DLCA 10m tt this Saturday, have a good one ladies and see you all next week.