Larkling ride to Plumley 29th June

Three Larklings left South Park on the hottest day of the year (so far), soon to be overtaken by a flock of Larks. In what would become a recurring theme of the day, the Larks then reappeared going in the opposite direction. We picked up a fourth larkling on our way to Alderley edge and carried on towards Tatton Park where we twice more saw the Larks. All the deer had sensibly gathered under the shade of the trees, but we were not deterred.

The Larks did beat us to the café, but there was plenty of room outside to sit and sweat.

Eventually we dragged ourselves back towards home encountering not one but two parades / rose festivals at Goostrey and Gawsworth. It may have only been 40 something miles, but in the heat it felt like a hundred.