1. To be eligible for participation in club competitions and championships a new member should have resigned their membership of any previous club.

  2. In racing events, the rules and regulations of the event’s governing body shall be observed.

  3. No member shall knowingly compete in any event collectively outlawed by the rules and regulations of the bodies to which the club is affiliated

  4. A handicapping sub-committee, timekeepers and team managers shall be elected annually at the discretion of the committee.

  5. The description of ‘club event’ shall be self-explanatory. ‘Open event’ shall include association and/ or invitation events.

  6. Competitors in club events shall sign the appropriate governing body’s declaration form before being allowed to compete.

  7. Championship trophies, medals, and/ or plaques shall only be awarded for achievements in the name of Macclesfield Wheelers. Any performance up to 30 September is eligible. A second claim member, however, may qualify for a prize when competing in a club event. Multiple achievements will be consolidated in one award.

  8. ‘Standard Awards’ shall be awarded for achievements on bicycles, tricycles, tandem bicycles and/or tandem tricycles in open, association or club events at 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles, 12 hours and 24 hours, provided a claim is submitted to the Time Trial Secretary as required before the annual prize presentation. Any performance up to 30 September is eligible. To gain a standard award the rider must beat the standard time. Riders who have already claimed a standard award in a previous season may purchase a further award at their own expense.

  9. In the event of standard times being adjusted, no standard award holder may qualify for the same standard award on the same type of machine at the same distance a second time.

  10. Any member requiring an alternative to the award normally presented shall be required to pay the extra cost involved.

  11. A gold standard award shall be given to any member suitably credited with breaking any recognised national or regional association record. The breaking of a club record shall be recognised by a suitable award. Multiple achievements will be consolidated in one award.

  12. Prize values in club events shall be influenced by the total entry fee received in each event, at the discretion of the committee.

  13. A standard award may be claimed at any time within two years of an achievement but not thereafter.

  14. A member may request a club certificate for any ride approved by the committee but on receipt must bear the cost of the article.

  15. Club trophies will be presented to eligible members annually at a prize presentation and shall be maintained in a reasonably clean condition by the recipient. They must be returned to a member of the committee, as instructed, after the following 30 September, or earlier if decided by the committee.

  16. An award will be presented to any first claim member beating a club record.

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