Easier Training Ride @ 10-2-7 Xmas Edition 20th Dec 2018


Six of us headed down Pexhill straight into a significant headwind on the Xmas special

Naughty boys Carl F and Mark B kept going of the front. It was good to have them out though and they can come again but they should do the faster Tuesday night chain gang a couple of nights before as well like Ant L so we are all on a equilibrium, either that or run round Bolly the night before or do circuit training like Rachel G and Andy R who both worked hard enough in that wind. Anyway it was shown once again that the fastest to the bottom of Artist Lane isn’t normally the first over the line at the top as Mark didn’t quite have the legs to get round old campaigner Fred W on the final push up. Good effort Mark but more work to be done there, keep coming out and you’ll get there.

Up at the Wizard where we always regroup it was time to get the party started and thoughtful as ever Roger realizing we might need something to wash our mince pies down with was there to serve us a little tipple, not any old plonk either , Croft Original, my Grandma’s favorite. Much appreciated Rog and I’am sorry you din’t get a mince pie, you probably deserved one just as much as us after a hard sesh on the turbo.

A highlight was faddy boy not liking mince pies Andy’s look of delight when he was given his special treat, a chocolate snowman lollipop. He said he was going to take it home to put under the tree but the chocolate monster inside him had other idea’s and it was quickly devoured in the Park Tavern where the party continued after getting over Whirley without anyone having a sherry bonk.

Also in the Park Tavern, a good turnout from Just A Ride and especially good to see some new members who recently started doing the Saturday morning and Monday evening rides progressing to something a bit harder.

All in all a good night and perhaps if Andy is a good boy on the Saturday Club Run, Santa will bring him another chocolate snowman.

Blurred at the Wizard and things were even more blurred in the Park Tavern by closing time

Blurred at the Wizard and things were even more blurred in the Park Tavern by closing time

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