Lark Ride to Whitegate 15 Dec 2018


Wow, that was one tough ride.

New-this-year-member Kevin drove over from Chapel for his first Lark Ride. I clocked 62 .5 miles home to park to home in nearly five hours of cycling time at an average of 12.7 mph, getting home at 16:25. Thankfully Kevin had his Garmin which we had to stop and consult a few times, mine still awaiting its new aluminium Dog Ears. Wind dropped out of Macc, but still headwind on way back and yes it was cold and it and we got wet, but, do you know, I had a great day, even despite puncturing at about mile 55 in School Lane Henbury, by which time the light was fading. And Phil completed the ride solo ahead of us, missing the two of us at Whitegate Station Cafe and feasting instead at Riverside Organic.


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Ride ReportChris Cottom