Sunday Easy Ride to Grasslands


Today's easy ride was one of late starts, happy encounters, great conversation and some plums.

Simon G was the only one on time to the start...well quite early in reality. At 10.35am he decided to make his own way to Grasslands via some interesting bridleways. At 10.36am I arrived at the start, having overslept, and decided to try and catch up with anyone else who had already set off. My Garmin had other ideas, having decided that I had completed the course when I had arrived at the start. I eventually made it to Grasslands having battled against a headwind as well as my Garmin and met Simon G, just outside Grasslands. We were rather pleased to have some company, as well as coffee and cake. It was also great to see some of the Manchester cycling ladies in there as well. Simon and I set off again, stopping for some plums at a roadside stall, then down Seven Sisters Lane. At the cross roads we encountered Yvonne who had set off at 11am and had not yet made it to Grasslands. She rode back with us to Wilmslow, it was great to catch up. Today's conversation topics included changes in property rental legislation, electric vehicles, smart meters, low maintenance bikes (Simon was out on a new bike with a drive belt and gear box), holidays, husbands and children. We were back in Wilmslow just after 1pm, Garmin says I did 22 miles at an average speed of 12.9mph. Next week's ride will be a slightly longer ride starting from Macclesfield.