Sunday Easy Ride to High Legh village hall


14 of us were out on today's easy ride from Wilmslow to High Legh village hall.

A sizeable group had ridden over together from Macclesfield to the Wilmslow start at an average of 15mph so were nicely warmed up  and eager to depart. Martin and I led the ride on the way out, having mislaid John J (last seen at home, having made it back from his 300km audax in the Dales, fighting Storm Hannah). Our route took us through Morley, Mobberley, the back streets of Knutsford and out the other side. We then spotted John J who, having arrived too late at the start point, had teleported himself (or maybe found a short cut). He jumped onto the back of the group and we continued on and through the tunnel under the A556. At that point John J stopped me to sort out my back tyre which was touching my mudguard and appeared to have a cut in the sidewall. It turns out I need a new back tyre.

We made it to High Legh at about 3pm, Babette decided to go for some extra miles instead of cake and bid us farewell. Phil K needed to get back early but managed to grab a quick bite first, whilst the rest of us had to make difficult decisions about which home made cake to go for, and how many pieces. Griff was feeling the effects of a morning riding in the hills and went for sandwiches as well as cake, whilst Martin decided that it was a ride which justified 2 pieces of cake and some trifle.

The ride back was much easier, with a tail wind instead of a head wind, and a shorter route (and for me a tyre now running smoothly). Other riders out were Sue, Kirsten, Richard, Dan, Simon G, Simon R, Jim and Mark H, total distance from Wilmslow 29 miles, average speed 12.6 mph, calories burned 1100 if you had a tyre rubbing, 900 if you had an electric bike!


Beam me up Scottie!

Beam me up Scottie!