Larkling Ride to Whitegate


Six out on a very cold second edition of the Larkling Ride.

Two newbies this week: Matt and Rob (welcome both).

Simon leading the ride this time. Fairly uneventful on the way out. Took me ages before I could feel the tips of my fingers again.

Matt stayed with us for about 10 miles at which point we were overtaken by the Larks, and he decided their pace was more desirable (I did warn him).

The Whitegate Way was particularly muddy with dog walkers and horses but we still made fairly rapid progress. Arrived at the cafe just before the Larks, ensuring prompt service (and seats).

Refuelled and ready to go (to the toilet block!).

Refuelled and ready to go (to the toilet block!).

After lunch it was almost straight back onto the dirt around Vale Royal with stiles and everything!

Around Allostock there was some traffic incident which had created a large queue of cars, so we rerouted to the classic Goostrey return, confusing my new Wahoo and Sue’s new Garmin.

From around the 38 mile point it felt like Simon was gradually dialling up the pace and I for one was having to dig in to stay on his wheel. Going down a very narrow lane near Goostrey Sue swerved to avoid a pothole, and slid on a muddy strip down the centre of the road hitting the ground hard. Fortunately nothing broken, other than a pair of shades (Hope they weren’t expensive!?).

We limped on and the group separated around Pexhill to go their different ways home.

My Wahoo is saying 55 miles at 13.2 mph

Thanks to Chris for organising and Simon for leading.
Right, I need to get the hosepipe out after that one!


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