Easier Training Ride Thursday 14 March


There wasn’t much enthusiasm for going through as we headed down Pexhill into a strong headwind at 10-2-7.

But with double the numbers from last week (plus a mystery rider until the A50) once we got a good chain gang going steady progress was made. Then on Twemlow Lane even though things were already hard enough a car overtaking us at speed through a flood caused a tsunami that nearly washed us all of our bikes. Soaked from head to toe and blind for a second or two, credit to everyone for keeping their composure and keeping their line.

Up to Seven Sisters from the Three Greyhounds the wind started giving us some help, we kept the work rate up just to keep warm and try and dry out for one thing and it ended up as probably the fastest complete circuit of the winter.

On Artist Lane Matt D and Ant l had already gaped Col Y, Fred W, Andy R, Bennett G, Rich T and Dave A when the second pillock driver of the night nearly ran us of the road coming down at speed. Andy R made a rare bid for the final podium place at the top but it was a photo finish between Fred and Col. Sorry I think I got that one Col and you must make a effort like that more often Andy if you want to get into the medals.

As always the ride officially finished at Broken X and four of us then headed for beer and chips in the Park Tavern. Also joining us on the big table were delegates from the mountain bike ride and Just A Ride. Darren (MTB party) proposed that important decisions were best best debated and voted for on facebook, Fred (10-2-7 party) countered that it would be fairer to do that in the pub as not everyone is on FB.

Another item on the agenda was whether Col should have been DQD at the Wizard anyway for not having mudguards (Andy would have been one place closer that podium) but it wasn’t put to the vote so he’s just on a warning . Next up Fred was worried about future travel to Spain, would the recent Training Camp in Spain be the last seamless crossing of the border due to the turmoil in another place?. Neil (ex macc harrier now independent just likes a augment party) proposed that our continental neighbors had treated us very badly and it should all be put to a public vote. Fred proposed another pint (bad idea) Ant (10-2-7 party) agreed. Andy (10-2-7 party) left the chamber (sensible). Phil (JAR party) and Brian ( social training party) entered the chamber. Brian proposed there was plenty of room for everyone in Scotland……to be concluded or maybe just continued at the end of June (when Neil and Fred are going sailing in Spain….oh dear)

Ride ReportFred Wardle