Wed Club Run to Utkinton


When Simon mentioned in the cafe that our outing would be more like 60-70 miles not the 50 I’d advertised, I realised that my next appointment may be at risk.

I was right. Replete with my vegan soup and tea with soya milk, I staggered out into the car park of Rose Farm as Dave marshaled his troops and we set off homeward (in the rain, which soon cleared) bang on schedule at 1.02 pm. Coming through Tabley at 2.32 pm my on-board computer (aka my brain) calculated that I may have difficulty in making my 3.30 pm dentist appointment in Great King Street, Macclesfield. Hence I bid my dear companions adieu and set off to ride there solo like a man possessed , arriving at 3.25 pm in a sorry heap of sweat and appalled at how hard I had found it to ride down the Chester Road from Knutsford as fast as I could. Quite pathetic really. Anyway, tooth is now in better nick than the rest of me.

Busy life, eh?


Raph, Dave, Simon, Jack, Ali, Moray

Raph, Dave, Simon, Jack, Ali, Moray