Wednesday Club Run to Rushup


The No Car Cafe doesn’t normally open on Wednesdays, but kindly agreed to do so for the famous 70-year old Macclesfield Wheelers.

So, imagine my angst in the departure lounge car park to count participants on this - my retirement mid-week exercise highlight - on the fingers of one mutilated hand: just three of us, our Dear Leader being called away on last minute family duties. Fortunately, Rob joined us in Whaley to increase our cadre by 33.33333333% (mathematicians please check my workings) and nobly joined Simon in cake on top of his baked beans on toast with cheese. Well not actually on top, but you get the general idea; we were eating for the honour of the Macclesfield Wheelers (Note: oat milk and vegan margarine both available at this mots excellent cafe.)

I need not have worried; as we left, a group of 8-10 other cyclists arrived, as also arranged. Good thing we got there first.

Simon left us at Peak Forest for a shorter return leg. I am delighted to report more lanes around miles 26 to 28 and around Chelmorton new not just to me and Raph but some of them new even to million-mile cyclist Rob as well. And Simon was delighted at the bridle path diversion after Ecton Ave around mile 2 when I had gone the wrong way before we had even left Macc. Actual, not planned, route here:

I did 59.55 miles home to home at 11.0 mph, including my now obligatory dandelion harvesting diversion. Data-junkie and integer-lover that I am, I considered circling the turning circle in our road to add, er, um, 0.45 miles so I could return home boasting of another 60-miler but the little voice of reason in my head whispered that history suggested that this would be to little avail amid my family fan-base, and anyway there was a hungry rabbit waiting anxiously for his tea.


Return to Lesser Lane (about to go down this time): Simon, Raph, Rob.

Return to Lesser Lane (about to go down this time): Simon, Raph, Rob.