Easier Training Ride on 16th May


A neat and tidy groupetto headed down Pexhill yesterday evening at 10-2-7.

A not very neat and tidy groupetto headed up Welsh row just over a hour later. It was all going very slickly until a gale started blowing as we turned right at the Three Greyhounds, but we did all get to the bottom or Artist Lane together.

A modification to the normal route, very slightly longer didn’t make any difference time wise; straight on after Ollerton rather than right into Pinfold Lane, right before the Frozen Mop and right again. Two decent right turns instead of right, left, left, right and avoiding the crater’s in the road at the David Lewis Center worked pretty well.

On his first chain gang Christian S just made it first over the line at the Wizard with Col Y going round Bennett G on the final push then it was John H, Dave A, Jim D, Pete J myself Fred W, Andy R and Mark B.

The celebrations didn’t last long at the top for the first (and strongest) four when they they heard the news they had just won automatic promotion to the faster chain gang. There were only four out on the faster chain gang last night, they need more number’s and the club needs a better balance of its talented rider’s. Anyway its not such a rush to get to Broken X for 7pm and former 10-2-7 rider Ant would love the company.

Next week yours truly will be on tour so I hope to be reading a good report from Andy R. We have four vacancies for new rider’s so please step up. Onwards and upwards is the Macc Wheelers way