Lark and Larkling Rides to Wetton


Five Larks duelled it out with five Larklings on our 45-mile ride to Wetton.

The former had no sooner sat down at the ever excellent Old School Tea Room (dairy-free spread and soya milk available, and even a bonus teabag with the hot water for our large anyway teapot) when the Larklings stormed in.

Naturally I invited them to join our return leg but they had all just ordered a round of rhubarb and ginger cake and, denying myself the temptation of a home-made vegan flapjack at a very reasonable £2.20, we departed for the charms of Grindon, the Manifold Valley and Ford, only to be caught by the Larklings at the summit of Gun Hill and again as we descended into Wincle (waving at the Sat Club Run coming the other way) after we had paused at Swythamley Chapel where Dave told us how Swythamley Hall had been a transcendental meditation training centre for ten years until 1987.

Perhaps I might try either TM or a vegan flapjack or both or I fear I will continue to disgrace myself on the Lark Ride by being last up and down every hill. If they don’t work I shall accept a free transfer to the Larkling Division, who otherwise look set to overtake us anyway.


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Other photos: Russell, Ian

Steve, Dave, Russell, Stuart, Raph, Ian, Simon, Phil. Late to the party, Rob.

Wetton Oct 6.jpg


Ride Leader - Lark Division (for the time being)

Ride Leader - Larkling Division

Phil and Stuart

Steve, Dave, Russell, Raph

Top of Gun Hill

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