Easier Training Ride @ 10-2-7. Thursday 11th July


Thankfully that squally shower had gone over by the time we headed down Pexhill and the only thunderbolts and lightning were the twelve of us. ⚡️

Well that’s probably a little bit of a exaggeration but as is often the case it was a pretty quick start and the wet roads soon dried up making good riding conditions. We had a steady chain gang for the most part, some gaps appeared around Great Warford but everyone eased up as and when required and the group arrived at the bottom of Artist Lane together. We were all having such a good time that breaking with the norm everyone did the descent into Prestbury rather the head straight back over Whirley and by the time we climbed up Macclesfield Road some tired legs were felt (well mine anyway).

Numbers have swelled in the last few weeks with new riders joining us which bodes well for the future of the ride and the club. This week Rob M made the move, another graduate from the excellent rated Brian Evans Monday night academy of cycling. Rob had a good strong first outing as did Griff P on his second. James G also on his second after a long break had a good ride and slotted in well.

Ant L might have just about clocked up the ton as he was already on about 70 from earlier in the day. There had been a early disruption to our rhythm when Ant dropped his chain turning onto the A50 at Hopley Tyres , but Jill was not in a good rhythm at all after closing time in the PT when the combination on her bike lock seemed to have mysteriously changed itself whilst we had been rehydrating.😟 Rachel to the rescue while Andy, Ant and myself just didn’t seem to be able to focus.

The rest of the gang had all sensibly headed home by then; Rich T, Jim D and Vinney P. Oh and nearly forgot; Chris S 🥇 a clear winner on the climb up to the Wizard and Dave A 🥈 second with Fred W 🥉 back on the podium hot on his wheel.