Easier Training Ride @ 10-2-7 on 19th Sep


I never actually counted up but there must have been twenty of us heading down Pexhill.

That’s far to many names to remember the day after, it’s more like who isn’t here than who is here, most of the regulars, a few who arn’t so regular and one completely new to the ride Jason who slotted in well.

In the big group there was a wide range of abilities and experience so it was difficult to keep going smoothly on the second half of the circuit but when it did get a bit broken up it wasn’t really anyone’s fault. Looking at the segments on strava it was about 20mph to the bottom of Artist Lane and 17 to 18mph back to Broken X for those who hadn’t peeled of before so bang on target.

I can only guess what happened at the pointy end on Artist Lane as I was at the not so pointy end. Col had been frisky all night but did he save enough for the final push up to the Wizard?, probably not but he could have won most combative rider. Over the winter when there’s just three of us out I’ll be able to give a more definitive report on the podium positions but I’d actually rather we keep on getting these big turnouts.

Ride ReportFred Wardle