Easier Training Ride @ 10-2-7 on 6 Sep


The headcount was twelve when I got round to it at Siddington X roads and it was twelve again at the Wizard which was good.

The only thing was it should have been thirteen both times but Griff made a unannounced pit stop on Pexhill and couldn’t get back on……a lesson learned there I think. One lesson that has been learned is by Jim, we set of at 10-2-7 not 9-2-7 so it was good to have him with us again for the first time in a few weeks.

It was a good evening for cycling, a slight headwind heading out west but it didn’t stop us keeping up a fair pace in a good chain gang. We averaged just under 20 mph to the bottom of Artist Lane which is good enough considering it was very much a mixed ability group. We kept it all together with nobody smashing it up which undoubtedly means we all end up with a quicker and better ride overall.

Due to technical issues I cant give a commentary or know the final result on the Artist Lane climb but doing some research on strava reveals that guest rider Dave H was the only one to go under the 5 min mark, Mr Duck kicked of and looked to be really going for it from the bottom and was the second quickest, Elliot was just a few seconds ahead of Fozzy & Snowy (or was it Snowy & Fozzy those two were confusing me by changing places all night).

Andy told me he had a bit of a battle with Daisy who was a bit of her normal pace but the difference is Andy wasn’t racing for his country in the Triathlon Grand Final last Sunday like Daisy. Well done Daisy. Keep coming out on the chain gang and target a quicker bike split next year.

Good steady rides also from Jill, Mark B and Kirsten the newest to the ride made a real gusty effort, well done Kirsten.

Ride ReportFred Wardle