Easier Training Ride on 30th May


There was a freak accident on last Thursdays 10-2-7 ride as a lot members will already know.

The ride had been going well until on Marthall lane a rabbit ran out of the verge into Ruth's front wheel. It may have got caught and jammed up or more likely knocked it sideways, but anyway Ruth went down very very hard then Mick behind her went flying over his bars . A couple of others went down but we're ok.
It was a totally freak accident, nobody could have done anything different. There was no bad riding at all.
It was a long wait for the ambulances and Ruth was severely traumatized , in a hell of a lot of pain as was Mick also.
Everyone on the ride was a credit to the club, being supportive, first aid, phone calls, directing traffic etc. A couple of Cheshire Maverick members in a car stopped and were a lot of help also.
Ruth was taken to North Staffordshire Hospital where she is likely to be for another week or so with a long list of injuries but all repairable. Mick has a broken collar bone. We hope they both make good recoveries as speedily as possible. They both love riding their bikes.

Lessons learned: Expect the unexpected, keep up to date with first aid, keep rabbits in hutches.