Easier Training ride @ 10-2-7 Thursday 25th April


Not only do you get to learn how to ride in a disciplined group on the clubs entry level chain gang you also get good practice in mending punctures and riding a bike stood out of the saddle.

Thanks to the pot holed roads Jocham punctured near the David Lewis Center on his second outing with us and on his third outing Jim didn’t exactly exactly have to ride home without a saddle its just that it wasn’t attached to his bike. After a high pitched shattering noise we picked up various bits of debris of the Wizard road and it seems the bolt that clamps the saddle to seat post had been shear tested to destruction.

Apart from those two interruptions the ride went well on a breezy but dry evening with good riding from everyone. As always and is allowed, there were a few gaps by the top of Artist Lane but not so big that I couldn’t verify the result from my mid field position ; 1 Bennett, 2 Col, 3 Dave, 4 Fred, 5 Jim, 6 Jocham, 7 Andy (nursing a cold he caught in Majorca….strange that I thought all that sunshine was supposed to be good for you) .

Jocham and Jim have no doubt found there first couple hard (that’s normal) but they have slotted in well. With Andy and Bennent over half of those out have been introduced to chain gangs on the 10-2-7 ride which is exactly what the ride is for.

Ride ReportFred Wardle