Easier Training Ride @ 10-2-7 Thursday 21st March


A full blown crisis was narrowly averted yesterday evening. For a while it seemed like we might miss last orders for chips in the Park Tavern.

We couldn’t blame the weather for being well behind our normal schedule by the time we got up to the Wizard, just some weak bladders. Then Rachel punctured before the turn for Whirley, with the clock ticking down the crisis deepened when (first time on a chain gang) Vinneys C0 2 cartridge wouldn’t work. Plan B had to be implemented, Andys C0 2 inflator, thankfully that one worked and we made the deadline to top up our carbo.

Only a few weeks ago on his first time out with us Bennett grovelled up Artist Lane but this week we were chasing him up and I for one certainly couldn’t hang on. Well done Bennett, I think with your rate of improvement you will be promoted to the fast chain gang very soon.

Vinney had a good ride and enjoyed his first chain gang, it wasn’t anything like as hard as he feared. He picked a good night for it and hopefully others will do likewise in the coming weeks.

Ride ReportFred Wardle