Not Cancelled: Club Run To High Legh


It’s good when a plan comes together and that’s what happened on the Saturday afternoon 3rd Feb ride.

We headed out via Byley and Plumley and the road conditions were quite reasonable considering what the weather has been like. Back through Knutsford the planned route was to stick to road’s on the councils gritting schedule when the temperature was forecast to plummet and surprise surprise they had actually had all been gritted. So it was a safe and successful outing and good to be on a bike after a difficult week. The vital statistics were:.

Miles in the bag: over 50

Average speed; depends whose strava you look at

Bums on saddles/seats; 6 in south Park at 1pm, 8 in the garden center cafe at 3pm, 2 in the Ship at 5.30 pm ( plus mtb’ers)

Punctures; 1 (to many) of the snake bite kind

Hours of sunshine; lots of

Average temperature; zero

Accuracy of this report; 100%

Ride ReportFred Wardle