Club Run To Alsager Hall


As usual the Saturday afternoon ride went not exactly to plan but all the better for that.

We only made one diversion from the planned route, it only rained for about an hour, we only had one puncture and we only lost three rider’s (oops not really).

By consensus we climbed up Mow Cop from Biddulph rather than Astbury, it was the hardest part or the ride but but it was a fine view over Cheshire and it didn’t take long from there to the Cafe outside Alsager.

Heading back one man down as Dave H had missed the stop (called up for a quiz team) it was easy going in a tailwind past the pool at Winterley and onwards to Smallwood where we lost our out of town members Joe and Andy. Funnily enough they went missing right near the Bluebell Inn, I hope your beer tokens lasted out Joe its a lot more expensive in there than the Ship.

Jill had a well timed puncture at the bottom of Radnor Bank, well there’s never a good time but it had stopped raining and it was just about still daylight. Also making the full 50 mile ride back to the Ship before 6 pm this week were: Mick, Woody, Fozzie and your correspondent Fred W.

Ride ReportFred Wardle