Easier Training ride @ 10-2-7 29- Nov-2018


On a potentially hard evening with not very promising weather, a steady and well disciplined ride at 10-2-7 was called for and that is exactly what happened.

Nobody missed a turn in a good chaingang from Siddington to Seven Sisters where progress slowed a little bit as tired legs and and more of a strong headwind took its toll. Then just to prove it was very windy a tree down suddenly loomed up straight across the faster bit of Welsh Row and I’am pleased to say the emergency stop was very safely executed.

So it was a little detour round then time for our own little mountain where the normal ride rules are relaxed a bit. First over the line at the Wizard this week and 1st youth category Stephen H, 1st vet Ant L and 1st female vet Rachel G. Those three definatley a fair representation of the talents on show on the ride (and since you've got to be in to win it can Fred W have 1st supavet ?) . Also catching their breath at the Wizard this week were Colin Y, Dave A and Andy R, but not necessarily in that order as I was to delirious to notice due to trying to keep Steven in contact.

We then headed back over Whirley singled out taking short turns into the headwind, getting back to Broken X in good time as the weather was deteriorating and for some of us the lure of beer and chips in the Park Tavern.

Ride ReportFred Wardle