Easier Training Ride @ 10-2-7, 6th Dec 2018


Although the roads were very messy it wasn’t as windy and with no trees down we got round the circuit a bit quicker than last week.

There were no missed turns in a slick chain gang until Pinfold Lane after Ollerton where Andy R decided he was going to be the weakest link. So we pressed on without his help (but not forgetting him) to Artist Lane where the confirmed finishing results at the Wizard were; 1. Ant L, 2, Fred W, 3. Col Y, 4. Dave A, 5. Carl F, 6. Andy R.

Funny really that two Lark Ride regulars were last, as they seemed to have been winding things up earlier on, maybe we will have to have a word with Mr C, we don’t want any bad habits creeping into Thursday nights.

Ride ReportFred Wardle