1pm Club Run to Alsager Hall. Saturday 17 Nov 2018


No less than nineteen of us including two new to the club run met at South Park.

That’s far too many to remember everybody’s names and a lot to keep together so at Gawsworth where Dave’s bike had started falling to bits we split into two groups. One slightly faster and a slightly slower one. All things being equal both groups had one puncture each.

We were back in Macclesfield about 5:30 where a fair representation of us enjoyed a bit of post ride analysis in the Old Ship Inn. Katie reckoned the slower group had done about 14 and Mick reckoned the faster group 16 so we can definitely say 15 mph average speed.

The best turned out rider of the afternoon was Katie in her genuine Honda Wiggle team kit and the most bravely dressed for November was Christian in short sleeves, short shorts and no gloves. The most impressive sprint was Andy Jack, jumped round the whole bunch on Marton Lane, uphill into a block headwind with 50 miles already in his legs.


Ride ReportFred Wardle