10-2-7 Training Ride 15-Nov-2018


I don’t know what the average speed was last night on the 10-2-7 training ride but we were all up at the Wizard by just after 8.10 so it was a good one for this time of year and well in the target range.

More importantly than the speed whatever it was, it was a result of the mixed ability group that we were, supporting each other, sticking together and all working hard in a good steady chain gang. Exactly what this ride is all about.

With a straight back wheel and a full set of tight spokes Col Y didn’t have to hang on the back for half the ride unlike last week, good riding from Rich T, Stockport Dave and young Mr Duck. A punchy ride from our most regular women’s member Rachel G who made it back to the Park Tavern with regulars Andy R, Ant L and yours truly, where it wasn’t too noisy and plenty of entertainment was laid on….enough said.

Ride ReportFred Wardle