Just a Ride Poynton

Wet, Wet, Wet.

Six Macclesfield Wheelers were joined by Nigel’s nephew who we kidnapped and convinced to ride with us on our 25 mile ride via Birtles, Adlington and Poynton. 

The evening started fine and dry but even before we left Macclesfield via some early cobbles behind the hospital the heavens opened. Undeterred we continued along Hocker and Slade Lanes towards Over Alderley. Unfortunately Simon R suffered a rear puncture which although not ideal did provide some entertainment curtesey of the CO2 cannister: Admittedly it does pump up a tyre super quick, it also provided a demonstation of Charle’s Law in that the reduction of the gasses pressure is accompanied by a reduction in its absolute temperature, resulting in frozen gloves to the valve whilst removing the cannister.! Be warned!

Soon after, the rain subsided having drenched us all thoroughly, but nevertheless we carried on for a enjoyable ride around the backlanes of Higher Poyton and Pott Shrigley.

I’m sure the Park Tavern are used to puddles of water from dripping wet cyclists enjoying a pint and some chips, We’ll be there again I’m sure.


Phil K

Phil Kitchman