Sunday Winter Training Ride

It's getting to the time of year that the Sunday Winter Training Ride restarts with us kicking off this year on 13th October. This is a 3hr ride with an average speed of 30kph/18mph on Sunday mornings, leaving at 9.15 am from the Town Hall. We are aiming to run the rides every week through until March subject to having a ride leader for each one. The route will be posted in advance on FB.

We don't have a café stop and we aim to finish by lunch time so you still have the rest of the day free. We change off the front every couple of minutes and rotate through the group so everyone does turns but has the chance to have a chat too. We stop as a group for punctures and please bring spare tubes, pump etc.

We vary the route each time but it’s mainly Cheshire lanes to keep a constant workload and maintain the group but there will be the opportunity to open up too during the ride to ensure everyone gets a good workout. Mudguards are expected due to the nature of the lanes in winter.

The ride is ideal for those who have been on mid week training rides previously but if your not sure you just get in touch.

In very cold or bad weather check the website or the facebook. The ride is usually on unless there is snow or ice....meaning we have had some memorable rides in the past! Simon is leading the first we as we are honeymooning but hopefully there will be a good group engaging in these again through the winter.

Monica Eden