Sunday Winter Training Ride - Great Budworth

So we had 13 out on today’s Sunday Training Ride. Due to the weather being better than forecast a couple of days ago we switched up the route & headed out down the lanes to Great Budworth via Tatton Park. with a lumpier start than usual out through Bollington which I regret every time. As always for the Budworth route it was grippy out of Knutsford on what seemed to be a headwind there & a headwind back! We worked as a group & everyone rode through.

Ride entertainment included losing Ben after his usual pee stop & chase back on. He did turn up in Macclesfield having punctured on the chase back… resulting in a much longer chase! I’ve not seen him look that tired after a ride for a while so it did him no harm. Tom G took advantage of his absence to claim the honour of first up the wizard.

We also had a bit of excitement from a horse & rider out near Arley Hall which certainly raised mine & Dominic’s heart rates as slowing down seemed to just keep us in the danger zone longer.

Great ride again all in all though. I’m not out next week due to Senior Track Champs but Simon (I think!) will lead.


Monica Eden