Larkling Ride

Same start time, and usually same cafe, as Lark Ride but 5-10 miles shorter and at a slower pace, so about 40-50 miles and we try and alternate flat and hilly rides depending on the weather forecast. Generally we’ll do more flat ones in the winter and more hilly ones in the summer.

Larklings at Whitegate Station Cafe, Jan 2019

Larklings at Whitegate Station Cafe, Jan 2019

This ride is ideal if you want to go a bit further/faster/hillier than the Sunday Easy Ride but are not quite ready for the Lark Ride or Saturday Club Run. Some members regularly do both this ride and the Sunday Easy Ride.

If you are struggling on the Lark Ride you can sometimes drop back and (depending on the route) get picked up by the Larklings.

We might average around 13 mph on a flat ride and yes of course we’re slower on a hilly ride, maybe 11 mph, but if it’s 12 and 10 mph respectively, who cares? On the hilly rides we wait at the top of the hills to regroup, so everyone can climb at their own pace. We always stop at a cafe to refuel, usually for about an hour. This may or may not coincide with the Lark Ride so you can often do the return leg with them if you want to get home a bit faster, be warned though, they do sometimes ramp it up a bit on the way back.

You can read some ride reports on our News pages to get a flavour of what to expect.

If you want to see some of our past routes, or you want to download them to ride yourself, you can find them all on our Ride With GPS page.

Meet at

South Park Car Park, off Park Grove, Macclesfield, SK11 8AS. If it’s raining, we’ll be sheltering in the pavilion to the right.

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