If you want to be a member of Macclesfield Wheelers and join any of our rides, you must have third party insurance. Third party insurance covers you against claims made by others for any injury, loss or damage you may have caused while cycling. It doesn’t cover any injury you might cause to yourself or any loss of, or damage to, your own property such as your bike or clothing.

Third party insurance with Cycling UK

We’re affiliated to national cycling charity Cycling UK, so when you join Macclesfield Wheelers you can also join Cycling UK as an affiliated member for an extra £25 in the same payment. Being an affiliated member of Cycling UK means you automatically get third party insurance. This covers you:

  • Whether you’re riding with the club or on your own, and

  • When commuting to work and in non-competitive charity rides as well as non-racing sportives, touring competitions, reliability events, Audaxes, time-trials and record breaking, but not any other form of competitive cycling.

Your Cycling UK affiliated membership, and therefore your third party insurance, will be for one year but won’t start on the same day as your Macclesfield Wheelers membership; it may be up to four weeks later. This is to give our membership secretary time to pass your details and the £25 of your payment to Cycling UK.

You can only buy Cycling UK affiliated membership through us when you join us. After your first year’s Cycling UK membership, Cycling UK will contact you directly about renewing. You can find more details about Cycling UK’s third party insurance cover here.

Third party insurance with another cycling organisation

You don’t have to have third party insurance through affiliated membership of Cycling UK. You can be a member of Macclesfield Wheelers if you are also a member of one of the following organisations. We may ask to see your membership card.

  • Cycling UK: Full Member.

  • British Cycling: Race Gold, Race Silver or Ride Member.

  • League of Veteran Racing Cyclists (commuting isn’t covered; you may wish to consider Cycling UK or British Cycling if you need this).

  • TLI Cycling (commuting isn’t covered; you may wish to consider Cycling UK or British Cycling if you need this).

The right cover for your needs

Many of our members have bought Cycling UK affiliated membership. However, neither Cycling UK nor Macclesfield Wheelers have assessed your individual needs and it is your responsibility to check that any insurance you take out meets those needs, whether the insurance is through your membership of Cycling UK or another cycling organisation.



The easiest way to join is online. Just click the button below.

You can pay through PayPal even if you don’t have a PayPal account as PayPal accepts card payments.

If you are aged under 18, or want to apply for someone aged under 18, please use the paper application form. That's because we need to see and keep the declaration signed by their parent or guardian.


If you’re already a member, login here to:

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Safety first

Before you come out with us please read either or both of these, as appropriate:

Riding with us on the road

Riding with us off-road

together with

Keeping children, young people and vulnerable adults safe