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Macclesfield Wheelers

The Macclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club is based in East Cheshire UK. The club is active in all types of cycling including road, MTB, off road, racing, touring, track racing, cyclo cross, family rides, tandems, challenge rides and more!
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Good lights are still needed on ALL evening rides despite the clocks going forwrd
MACCLESFIELD WHEELERS OPEN 25!!!!!!!!! in Time Trials
By mrduck1980 at 8:12pm on 30/03/15
Hi All, This year we have nearly 80 entrants to the event with a good number of club riders entered, to make the event a success we need (as usual) marshals and help on the day. Please drop me a line...
Introductory/Slower training ride - Year 3 (and counting) in Training
By Chris C at 9:49am on 28/03/15
Good steady ride on Thursday with eight of us: Dave Boardman, me, Moray, Nigel, Steve M, Steve L, Rob S and welcome to Andy Wyatt. Windy along the back straight for a change, hence 17.4 mph to Sidd X ...
Macclesfield Wheelers OPEN 25TT ENTRIES OPEN in Time Trials
By mrduck1980 at 5:26pm on 27/03/15
Sorry, *Gareth!!! Stupid auto predict
Macclesfield Wheelers OPEN 25TT ENTRIES OPEN in Time Trials
By mrduck1980 at 12:52pm on 27/03/15
Excellent news Graham!! I asked one of our senior members for some advice when I entered my first 25TT and his only comment was 'don't stop pedalling for the whole 25 miles!' LAST DAY FOR ENTRIES IS ...
Macc Revolution Track Evening 17/04 8-10pm in Events
By Knuddy at 11:01am on 26/03/15
After some fun track sessions over the winter we will be holding the unofficial "Macc Revolution - Open Track Meet" on Friday April 17th at the Manchester Velodrome. Track time from 8-10pm. We will ...
Am I just old fashioned? in General
By jjackson at 8:28pm on 25/03/15
Email sent to the club last year
Am I just old fashioned? in General
By Mike Roberts at 11:15am on 25/03/15
I would hope that all who read this thread will engrave this incident in their grey matter and suitably respond when they next see a cyclist walking along the roadside, or scratching his/ her head whi...
Am I just old fashioned? in General
By thetrotter at 7:49am on 25/03/15
Not at all - one of the unwritten rules of the road that you always stop to help fellow cyclists in trouble, not least because we all do silly things like forget our pump and spare inner tubes and bec...
Am I just old fashioned? in General
By amf1966 at 11:08pm on 24/03/15
No you are not old fashioned, you are quite right to be disappointed by such inconsiderate behaviour. One can only assume he has never been in need of assistance, perhaps you will see him by the roads...
Am I just old fashioned? in General
By Squeezypete at 10:32pm on 24/03/15
Riding home in the dark tonight from working at Hazel Grove I hit a pot hole at the lights at Bonis Hall Lane and got a snake bite puncture. So far so annoying, but being dark and cold I decided to wa...