Our training rides are intended for club members only.
Riders must be experianced at riding in a group. We strongly recommend fitting mudguards when the skies or roads are wet. You’ll be drier, cleaner and healthier on your rides, and so will we. If you join group rides without guards, please expect to sit at the back so you only share your spray with others that don't have guards. If you want advice on mudguards, just ask other club members: we all have the same need and love to share solutions on rides.

Monday Intermediate Training Ride, all year round

This is an intermediate ride of about 30 miles, starting at 7 pm at Broken Cross public car park. We follow the three loop route which involves a ride out to Lower Withington and then looping around Kermincham, Somerford Booths and Gleadsmoss. We rotate turns at the front and aim to ride at an average speed of 18-21 mph. We ride together as a group until the return up Pexhill back to Broken Cross. Please don’t forget good lights and mudguards in the winter.

10-2-7 Easier pace Training Ride - Thursday evenings.

Start 18:50 at Broken Cross public car park. Introductory training ride for those new to training rides supported by (and also for) experienced members wanting a easier paced ride. We take regular turns on the front and ride at the speed of the slowest rider, the group staying together. Average 15 to 18 mph. Good front and rear lights are essential.

Winter Sunday Morning Training Ride

A fortnightly 3-hour Sunday morning winter training ride, departing from the Town Hall in Macclesfield at 9.15 am. This ride is ideal for those who have ridden Monday, Wednesday or Thursday training rides previously. Pace around 18 mph. No café stop just getting the bike riding in and then getting home for lunch time. We change off the front every couple of minutes and rotate through the group so everyone does turns but has the chance to have a chat too. We stop as a group for punctures and please bring spare tubes, pump etc. We also really need you to have full mudguards (please see above). Route choice is mainly Cheshire lanes to keep a constant workload and maintain the group but there will be the opportunity to open up too during the ride to ensure everyone gets a good workout. In very cold or bad weather, please check for updates here or on the home page or on our Facebook discussion page in case we cancel the ride, even at very short notice

Day Date Event Start Time Start from
  Monday    22 October 2018    Social Training Ride   7:00 PM    
  Tuesday    23 October 2018    Faster Training Ride   7:15 PM   Broken Cross
  Thursday    25 October 2018    Easier Training Ride @10-2-7    6:50 PM   Broken Cross
  Tuesday    30 October 2018    Faster Training Ride   7:15 PM   Broken Cross
  Thursday    1 November 2018    Easier Training Ride @10-2-7    6:50 PM   Broken Cross
  Thursday    8 November 2018    Easier Training Ride @10-2-7    6:50 PM   Broken Cross
  Sunday    11 November 2018    Sunday Winter Training Ride   8:00 AM   Town Hall
  Thursday    15 November 2018    Easier Training Ride @10-2-7    6:50 PM   Broken Cross