Our training rides are intended for club members only but, if you're not a member, you're welcome to 'try before you buy'. If, after up to three rides, you'd like to keep coming out with us (and we hope you will), you'll need to become a member.
We strongly recommend fitting mudguards when the skies or roads are wet. You’ll be drier, cleaner and healthier on your rides, and so will we. If you join group rides without guards, please expect to sit at the back so you only share your spray with others that don't have guards. If you want advice on mudguards, just ask other club members: we all have the same need and love to share solutions on rides.

Monday Intermediate Training Ride, all year round

We take turns at the front, and keep together as a group until Pexhill Road on the return to Broken Cross (so we go at a pace suitable for the slowest). Distance 30 miles. Average speed 20 mph in summer, 18 mph in winter. You must bring good front and rear lights from 1 September to 30 April.

Wednesday Night Training Ride – (September to March)

This training ride involves through-and-off riding with an average speed of 20 mph over a 40 mile circuit. The ride leaves Broken Cross public car park at 7pm and heads out to Byley via Siddington and returns via Lower Peover and Alderley Edge. It incorporates the climb up to The Wizard but is mostly flat. The ride finishes on Beech Lane, Macclesfield, usually at around 8.45pm. Good front and rear lights are essential, and we really need you to have full mudguards (please see above). Due to the time of year at which this ride runs, you’ll need suitable clothing and please make sure that your lights can last for at least the duration of the ride (including if we have to stop for any reason), and until you get home. You may wish to have two rear lights in case one fails. To avoid dazzling the riders behind you, please keep your rear lights on constant, not flashing, and do not bring one that is extremely bright. A fully charged mobile phone, spare inner tube(s) and a pump are also essential. The group will stop for punctures, mechanicals and dropped riders, but please be happy that you are suitably fit to complete this training ride; you may wish to try the slower Monday night training ride or Thursday night 10-2-7 training ride first if you are unsure. This ride is open to members of Macclesfield Wheelers only and you are required to have third party insurance. All riders have a duty of care towards each other and, before you come out with us, you should read our guidelines Riding with us on the road. Riders under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. A named adult member of the Macclesfield Wheelers can take the place of a parent or guardian, providing they agree this in advance and providing the adult member is already known to the parent or guardian. We’re continually developing our thinking on how to encourage young people and keep them safe, and this is our policy for this ride at the moment; we may change it at any time. Due to the nature of through-and-off riding, if you have a puncture or mechanical issue, or if are finding the pace difficult, you must ‘shout up’ to make the other riders aware. The route may deviate as a result of roadworks but it generally follows the same course. Rider numbers typically vary from 25 to 5, although there is no guarantee or expectation that any riders will turn out for this ride. This is particularly likely during very cold or bad weather, when you should check for updates here or on the home page or on our Facebook discussion page in case we cancel the ride, even at very short notice.

10-2-7 Easier Training Ride - Thursday evenings.

Start 18:50 at Broken Cross public car park. Introductory training ride for those new to training rides supported by (and also for) experienced members wanting a easier paced ride. We take regular turns on the front and ride at the speed of the slowest rider, the group staying together. Average 15 to 18 mph. Good front and rear lights are essential.

Day Date Event Start Time Start from
  Wednesday    21 March 2018    Training Ride (Faster)    7:00 PM   Broken Cross
  Thursday    22 March 2018    Easier Training Ride @10-2-7    6:50 PM   Broken Cross
  Thursday    29 March 2018    Easier Training Ride @10-2-7    6:50 PM   Broken Cross
  Monday    2 April 2018    Intermediate Training Ride   7:00 PM   Broken Cross
  Thursday    5 April 2018    Easier Training Ride @10-2-7    6:50 PM   Broken Cross
  Monday    9 April 2018    Intermediate Training Ride   7:00 PM   Broken Cross
  Thursday    12 April 2018    Easier Training Ride @10-2-7    6:50 PM   Broken Cross
  Monday    16 April 2018    Intermediate Training Ride   7:00 PM   Broken Cross