Time Trials
Open Time Trials
The Open 25 mile Time Trial is nomally held in April. We do not have dates for the next open event at the moment.

Club Time Trials
Day Date Event Course Time
  Wednesday     30 July    Club 10 mile TT   JC/5 Gawsworth   7:00 
  Wednesday     6 August    Club Hill Climb Pyms Chair   J9/6 Pym Chair   7:00 
  Wednesday     13 August    Club Hill Climb Cat & Fiddle   J9/7 Cat & Fiddle   7:00 

Parental consent forms must be signed in advance for ALL riders under 18 years old Click here to download

All 10 mile events start at 7pm
JC/5 :- Gawsworth - Congleton - Gawsworth course map
Meet in the "Millers Kitchen" car park Congleton Road, Macclesfield
map (pin 1 Sign on, pin 2 start, pin 3 turn, pin 4 finish).

25 mile events are held on TUESDAY course J2/4 sign on 7:00pm. 7:15pm start
Car parking and sign on AZ (Mulberrys) carpark. The entrance to the car park is through the stone gateway, opposite the end of Bollington Lane at the traffic lights on the A34. (It's the entrance once used for Matthews Garden Centre).

Hill climbs start at 7pm prompt
J9/6:- Pym Chair Hill Climb. Start at Jenkins Chapel, Saltersford, near Lamaload Resr GR984 767
J9/7:- Cat & Fiddle Hill Climb. Start on Buxton Road (A537) 500 metres East of Silk Road lights