How we keep in touch with each other

There are a number of ways in which you can find out what is happening in the Club and stay in touch with other members.


Our website is the main source of information on the Club.

It includes amongst other things:

It also has a Forum where members ask and answer questions, post ride reports and exchange all sorts of information about anything to do with cycling, including tips on things like bike maintenance.


If you prefer to use social media then you'll find details of club activities on our Public Facebook Page, while our Members Facebook Group is restricted to members of Macclesfield Wheelers.


Our Twitter account @FoolsNook provides links to cycling news and articles, as well as publicising our own activities.

Don't use social media?

You don't have to sign up to Facebook and Twitter because you'll find links to our Facebook Page and @FoolsNook on our website home page. You can turn off these social media notifications on the website if you wish, but you may then miss items of interest.

Security and related issues

Please be aware when using the Forum, Facebook and Twitter that your comments will be seen by others and sometimes by the general public. So we would ask you to be careful about posting personal information such as email and postal addresses and phone numbers and to avoid making comments that might reflect badly on the club or offend other members.


We'll email you from time to time, particularly about matters that wouldn't be appropriate to publish on the website or through social media.

Macclesfield Express

Between March and September the Macclesfield Express publishes a regular column of race results and other news about what club members have been doing. This is a good way of keeping the local community up to date with our activities but does rely on members providing information to the Press Secretary (email address below)

Contact us

You can contact us through Facebook and Twitter, or by email as follows:

General enquiries:
Club Clothing: